The Equity Ecosystem

Although the Partnership for Southern Equity is the brainchild of its founder, Nathaniel Smith, its rightful owners and custodians are the “Beloved Community” of stakeholders who faithfully support its work. As PSE matures, it has spawned a multi-faceted movement – an “equity ecosystem” – the sum of which is greater than any individual component.

PSE defines an equity ecosystem as “… a network of organizations and individual champions who make decisions, utilize resources and work collectively to advance a mutual agenda for just inclusion.

PSE works to build and strengthen an equity ecosystem necessary for systemic change, through consensus building, issue framing, training, policy advocacy, and collective impact organizing.

JUST Energy

(Energy Equity)

JUST Opportunity

(Economic Inclusion)

JUST Growth

(Equitable Development)

By cultivating PSE’s identity as the region’s foremost institutional authority on equity issues rooted in exhaustive field work, robust engagement, and compelling research, our mission continues to resonate with others who also embrace it as their own, which has resulted in the creation of three “circles” focused on critical issues: Just Energy (energy equity), Just Opportunity (economic inclusion), and Just Growth (equitable development).

Emphasizing PSE’s role as a principal architect of metro Atlanta’s equity ecosystem enables the organization to better communicate its mission to a broader audience and educate constituents about its hallmark approach to community-building consisting of:


Connecting vulnerable populations to solutions that empower communities


Informing decision-makers and communities on inclusive growth and development opportunities


Impacting development and business investment to promote inclusiveness, quality growth and regional competitiveness


Growing a multi-generational cadre of equity leaders and policy innovators


Advancing policies and institutional actions that promote racial equity and shared prosperity for all in the growth of metropolitan Atlanta and the American South.


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