Advancing Health Equity: The Just Health Circle

A healthcare worker administers COVID-19 testing to elderly residents in metropolitan Atlanta.

The Partnership for Southern Equity’s Just Health issue area and its organization and community partners work to minimize health inequity and the impact of structural racism and implicit bias. It does so by acknowledging different beliefs and perspectives, increasing knowledge and understanding, and taking action to include the people most affected by inequities in planning and the decision-making process.

“Policy creates inequity and policy change will address inequity,” said interim Just Health Director Arlene Parker-Goldson.

Through it’s Just Health Circle, Just Health in collaboration with residents, cohorts, community organizations, and other health equity advocates works to identify and recommend policy and systemic strategies to minimize health inequities.

Along with advancing health equity and minimizing health disparities, the Just Health Circle’s vision honors the lived experience of people, and is informed by history, research, public policy and social innovation to ensure everyone has an opportunity to achieve their full health potential in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, and the American South.

As a Just Health Circle member, here’s what to expect and what the Circle will do together:

  1. Convening structure to bring people together to advocate and advance health equity
  2. Collaboration; peer to peer learning; and, support
  3. Research and data collection to frame advocacy
  4. Advocate for community and community-based organizations
  5. Opportunity to include voices of the deaf and hard of hearing, and other differently-abled voices at the table
  6. Opportunity to collectively shape and/or influence public policy
  7. Opportunity to mobilize collectively to impact social determinants of health (SDoH) impact on African American, people of color, and low-wealth communities

For more information about the Just Health issue area and to join the Just Health Circle, please contact interim Just Health Director Arlene Parker-Goldson or Just Health Program Associate Aundrea Hickson.