DEED - Demanding Equitable Economic Development

Atlanta’s booming! Who’s benefiting and who bears the burden of development?

The Demanding Equitable Economic Development (DEED) project is arming communities most harmed by Atlanta’s use of property tax incentives with information to take action.

The DEED project has three main objectives:

  • Improve understanding of the tax incentives process in affected low-and-moderate wealth communities of color;
  • Develop a thoughtful analysis on the impact of tax incentives in affected communities of color; and ultimately
  • Advocate for reforms in the use of tax incentives.



The maps below, courtesy of Saporta Report and City of Atlanta, show that the areas of Atlanta that received the most property tax incentives from Invest Atlanta and the Development Authority of Fulton County in recent years are also the fastest gentrifying areas of the city.  Over the long term, this pattern of concentrated incentivized development has exacerbated Atlanta’s racial disparities, delineated by neighborhood boundaries.

Commercial Property Tax Discounts in Atlanta
Neighborhood Gentrification Pressure Areas

DEED Report - Broken from the Start

The Partnership for Southern Equity has issued a special report that explores whether property tax incentives in metropolitan Atlanta are effective in meeting their goal of increasing community property value and spurring investment, particularly in diverse and low-wealth resident populations, and whether they contributed to improved outcomes (or mitigated harm) in these populations.

The DEED Report examines how the use of property tax incentives has contributed to, and exacerbates socioeconomic disparities and gentrification, leading to poor communities to subsidize their own displacement.

In addition to research and analysis, the report also elevates stories of engagement with key community stakeholders, including local advocacy organizations, parent groups, and educators to gauge how their communities have been impacted, positively or negatively, by using TADs for community development. The report also provides recommendations for civic leaders and others seeking to advance equitable outcomes.

Click here to download the report.

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Click here to download the DEED Infographic.

DEED StoryMap

The DEED StoryMap is a dynamic, interactive web-based document that combines images, maps, research and shared experiences to tell the the story of Atlanta tax incentives. People are more than shading on a map. By showing the impact of policies through data, combined with taking action and holding decision-makers accountable, the StoryMap is a powerful tool that builds a strong voice and community strategy.

Click here to view the DEED StoryMap.

More Research & Community Education Coming Soon!

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