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Making a lasting impact. Your financial support is crucial in advancing the mission of promoting racial equity and creating a more just society. By donating, you become an essential partner in the fight against systemic racism and the pursuit of shared prosperity for all.

Year-End Giving 2019

The Need for Financial Support

The fight for racial equity requires significant resources. Consider these statistics that highlight the urgency of your contribution:

  • According to recent data, communities of color experience higher poverty rates and face significant barriers to economic opportunities. Your financial support can help bridge these gaps and create pathways to prosperity.
  • Studies show that racial disparities persist in education, healthcare, and other areas. By investing in our work, you help level the playing field so individuals can reach their full potential.

How does your gift make an impact?

Fueling Equitable Solutions

Your donation enables us to develop and implement equitable solutions that address the root causes of racial disparities. From policy advocacy to community programs, your support amplifies our efforts to dismantle systemic barriers and create opportunities for marginalized communities.

Amplifying Voices

Financial support gives us the resources to amplify the voices of those most affected by inequities. With your donation, we can advocate for policies that uplift marginalized communities, equip individuals, and promote social justice.

Catalyzing Change

Systemic change requires sustained effort. By providing recurring donations, you become a consistent force in the fight for racial equity. Your ongoing support allows us to plan and execute long-term initiatives, creating lasting impact in our communities.