How Equity is Winning pt.1

Just Solutions Team

Since its inception in 2020, PSE’s Just Solutions portfolio has partnered with dozens of clients across the American South, including nonprofits, government agencies, philanthropic groups, coalitions, and community groups, to begin the hard and necessary work of making “Equity a WAY and not a what.”

For over a decade, the Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE) has advanced policies and institutional actions that promote racial equity and shared prosperity for all in the growth of metropolitan Atlanta and the American South. Through forums, research, and organizing efforts, PSE brings together the regional community to lift up and encourage just, sustainable, and civic practices for balanced growth and opportunity.

In the summer of 2020, the fatal arrest of George Floyd served as a tipping point to awaken the consciousness of some Americans to the undeniable truth of the inequities Black people have endured for centuries in this country. Floyd’s death also emboldened historically marginalized people and their allies to finally speak their truth about the atrocities of racism, no matter the cost. 

Following the social justice uprisings, PSE has witnessed a rapid shift of organizations and government entities to prioritize equity and racial equity in their policies and practices. To respond to this demand, PSE put its more than 10 years of serving as a trusted equity partner into developing Just Solutions  – PSE’s mission-driven, social enterprise consulting practice.

Through the Just Solutions portfolio, PSE partners with clients to build organizational and leadership capacity to understand and address racial equity and other systems of privilege and oppression that produce inequitable outcomes across communities and institutions. PSE brings not only a structural and systems lens to the work, but also an integrated analysis that connects inequity to history and data.

Since its launch, Just Solutions has partnered with over 20 clients, including nonprofits, government agencies, philanthropic groups, coalitions, and community groups, to begin the hard and necessary work of making “Equity a WAY and not a what.” Our client partners understand that in order to disrupt and dismantle systems of racism and white supremacy in their institutions and the communities they serve, they will first need to NAME where racism is operating.  Identifying racism and the inequities it causes requires skilled, level-setting training that provides clear definitions of what race and equity are (and what it isn’t) and develops shared language, so people can effectively communicate how to address it.  

PSE’s signature equity training, Racial Equity 101, is designed for leaders and their teams, ready to collectively build their capacity, understanding, and analysis of Racial Equity.  Just Solutions has had the pleasure of training over 1,000 people in Georgia and North Carolina this year alone.  This training is the first step on a long, intentional journey to advance equity. Our partners know that our training is not a “check-the-box” moment.  Often the training is the catalyst to sparking equity wins at the institution or community level.  Three examples of our work are with the Atlanta Community Food Bank, the Community First Planning Commission in Brunswick, Georgia, and E Pluribus Unum based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Stay tuned in the weeks to come as we explore and work onwards towards equity.

Are you ready to begin the necessary and impactful work of equity in the institution or community you serve?

We would like to be your trusted Equity partner. 
Contact JENNIFER COBB, MANAGER of Just Solutions, at j[email protected] to learn more about how to spark Equity Wins with our Racial Equity 101 Training.