Meet C. David Moody, Jr. – Faces of Opportunity

Fear is a concept of that stems from pessimism and anxiety and often detours one’s path. Learn how Dave Moody used fear as a tool to catapult his success.

Charles David Moody was born in Chicago to a working-class family. He spent his childhood there until relocating to Ann Arbor, Michigan at the age of 14. The move was essential because he was no longer in majority black environment and economic development discrepancies became more prevalent than ever. While his passion was still football at this point, this sparked Moody’s interest in construction and economic development.

Moody’s passion for football afforded him a scholarship to Morehouse College where he began to craft his business practices. Upon graduation, he then attended Howard University and obtained a degree in Architecture. With a clear goal in mind, Moody moved back to Atlanta and went on to start one of the largest African-American-owned construction companies in America.

On the surface, everything seemed to be progressing in an upwards direction. However, behind closed doors, he would still have to battle some old demons stemming from his childhood. Moody endured sexual abuse while growing up in Chicago. This was something that he kept hidden out our fear and tried to leave in his hometown after relocating. Once the trauma resurfaced, the pain was so deep that it sent him into a deep state of anxiety and depression. He cites his wife, faith and prayer for assisting him along his journey to moving forward.

Moody has since become an advocate on behalf of sexual abuse victims and wrote a book about overcoming a childhood of sexual abuse titled “Fighting through the Fear – My Journey of Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse.”

Currently, his company resides as one of the most successful African American construction companies in the South. Moody also serves on the Board of Trustees at his alma mater, Morehouse College, and serves as the President of the Board of Directors of the Atlanta Area Council for Boy Scouts of America.  His C.D. Moody Foundation provides financial assistance for students with a passion for construction and entrepreneurship, and to date has awarded more than 80 individual scholarships.

No matter how many accolades Moody obtains he still views true success as motivating others to go for their dreams and to not give up.

Economic inclusion is addressing the distribution of economic growth by ensuring that everyone has a seat at the table of prosperity as a collective. This starts by shifting the narrative and the Faces of Opportunity program is about shifting that narrative.

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