Just Energy

Against the backdrop of global climate change, “energy equity” translates into the fair distribution of benefits and burdens from energy production and consumption. Utilized as a framework for mobilizing advocacy around energy equity issues, Just Energy represents an equity ecosystem of frontline communities, subject-matter experts, houses of worship, youth movements and academia organizing together to engage marginalized communities and communities of color about the sourcing and commodification of power generation in Georgia. While unfamiliar to many residents, those policies significantly impact household economic stability and impinge upon the overall quality of air, water and other natural resources that affect our
health and well-being.

How do we advance Just Energy?

PSE advances its work through an Equity Ecosystem to grow the momentum for change. The Equity Ecosystem uses equity as the lens to propose and pursue just and equitable solutions.

Coalition Building

Just Energy Circle – PSE’s Just Energy Circle utilizes the inherent strength of coalitions by convening technical experts, advocates, and community members to vision more equitable energy policy and co-create clean energy solutions that benefit everyone.

Advancing Equity & Opportunity Collaborative – The Advancing Equity & Opportunity (AEO) Collaborative was launched in 2014 when nearly twenty groups came together to build more power in the South. AEO was envisioned as a regional organizing platform that would sustain engagement through collaboration while also advancing core campaign work of the individual organizations. AEO works across eleven states in the South – Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

Community Organizing

PSE’s organizers work with local-residents to build community-led coalitions that provide a mechanism for relationship building, community-driven solutions development and knowledge-building to mobilizing first-person advocacy around energy equity issues, programs and policy. Currently, PSE has organizers based in/focused on:

  • North Atlanta – Cobb EMC service area
  • Atlanta – 100% Renewable & Equitable Cities
  • Central Georgia – Fort Valley
  • Coastal Georgia – Savannah
  • College & University – HBCU’s
Leadership Development

In order to strengthen our equity ecosystem with first-person advocates, PSE has expanded its energy equity programming to include the Just Energy Academy (JEA). Modeled after PSE’s current community leadership development programs focused on racial equity and equitable development, JEA is a seven-month leadership development program created to educate the next generation of equity leaders who aspire to be energy equity and climate justice leaders in their communities.

Community Engagement

Communities are experiencing the negative impacts of inequitable energy policy and are increasingly hungry to speak and act for change. Now more than ever, PSE is committed to the grassroots approach of reaching deeper into these challenged communities for long-term engagement. We will continue to leverage relationships with trusted community leaders and service-providers to help establish political traction in target communities.

Guiding Principles of the Just Energy Circle:


Community engagement is vital for the progression of self-sufficient people and neighborhoods

Access to high-quality energy should be fairly priced for all


Transparency and accountability is a necessity of energy providers

Equity accessibility should be the principal growth model for the American South

All people have a part to play in our emerging green sector economy

The best field and scientific research should be utilized and leveraged to find the best energy solutions


Advancing policies and institutional actions that promote racial equity and shared prosperity for all in the growth of metropolitan Atlanta and the American South.


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