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Against the backdrop of global climate change, “energy equity” translates into the fair distribution of benefits and burdens from energy production and consumption. The Partnership Southern Equity works with its partners to educate and engage low-income communities and communities of color about the sourcing and commodification of power generation in Georgia. While unfamiliar to many residents, those policies significantly impact household utility bills and impinge on the overall quality of air, water and other natural resources that affect our health and well-being.

The Just Energy Circle (JEC) seeks to inspire new, diverse, authentic leadership that is recognized in prominent decision-making positions in both civic and private sectors. It aims to establish structures to ensure that energy opportunities are available to all, including low-income protections, reduced energy costs, and employment. It represents an ecosystem of diverse business, political, and community interests. JEC partners believe that this approach is the future of the sustainability movement and that the future of our communities is dependent upon the ability to provide Just Energy for all.

We invite you and other residents across Georgia to apply to be a part of the first Just Energy Academy (JEA). This seven (7) month leadership development program was created to educate the next generation of equity leaders on energy equity and climate justice issues. JEA is a competitive program for youth and adults who aspire to be energy equity leaders in their communities. 

Guiding Principles of the Just Energy Circle:


Community engagement is vital for the progression of self-sufficient people and neighborhoods

Access to high-quality energy should be fairly priced for all


Transparency and accountability is a necessity of energy providers

Equity accessibility should be the principal growth model for the American South

All people have a part to play in our emerging green sector economy

The best field and scientific research should be utilized and leveraged to find the best energy solutions


Advancing policies and institutional actions that promote racial equity and shared prosperity for all in the growth of metropolitan Atlanta and the American South.


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