Financials, Annual Reports, and more

At The Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE), we are committed to transparency and accountability in our operations. We strive to ensure that our financial resources are utilized effectively to drive meaningful change and advance our mission of promoting racial equity and shared prosperity.

As we continue to grow and expand our reach, we remain dedicated to financial transparency. We undergo regular financial audits and maintain strong internal controls to uphold the highest standards of fiscal responsibility.

Annual Reports

Our annual reports provide a comprehensive overview of our activities, accomplishments, and financial performance. They serve as a testament to the collective efforts of our team, partners, and supporters in advancing our mission.
Within our annual reports, you will find detailed information about our programs, initiatives, and the communities we serve. These reports highlight the progress we have made in addressing racial disparities, promoting equitable growth, enhancing community health, and expanding opportunities for all.

Financial Overview

Through prudent financial management, we maximize the impact of every dollar we receive, allocating resources where they are needed most.