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Who We Are

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Our Methodology


(eq·ui·ty) /ekwədē/
– to create the conditions that enable just and fair inclusion into a society in which all can participate, prosper and reach their full potential


(e·qual·i·ty) /əˈkwälədē/
– regarding or affecting
all objects in the same way

See the difference? While equal rights under the law have afforded many of us opportunities that
were denied for so long, an equity agenda works to advance just outcomes that are sensitive to the needs and circumstances of the populations in question – erasing the barriers that stand in the way
for everyone to succeed. The reality is there are groups that have much more support systems and resources that enable their success while others are forced to rely on more uncertain circumstances
in under-resourced communities. PSE stands to address these inequities in our communities so prosperity can be created and shared by all.

Meet Our Team

Nathaniel Smith

Founder and Chief Equity Officer

Dwayne Patterson

Vice President of Strategy and Engagement


Angela Conner

Director of Operations

Rhonda Thompson
Rhonda Thompson

Executive Assistant to the Founder and Chief Equity Officer

Rachel Carter
Rachel Carter

Programs and Engagement Administrative Assistant

Kia Griffin

Administrative and Event Coordinator


André Ledgister

Communications Catalyst

Deven Trowers

Communications Specialist



Michelle Long

Sponsorship Consultant


Tina Smith

Board Consultant


Ed Washington

Senior Finance Manager


Gretchen Fuller

Finance Consultant

Just Energy

Chandra Farley

Just Energy Director

Eriqah Vincent

Just Energy Manager


Blythe Colman-Mumford

Just Energy Coordinator


Wan Smith

Just Energy Community Organizer

Dr Mildred McClain

Just Energy Community Organizer - Coastal Georgia


Shakeena Reeves

Racial Equity Fellow - Middle Georgia

Just Growth

Suzanne Burnes

Just Growth Director

Kirsten Cook

Just Growth Manager

Linnea Halsten

Racial Equity Fellow

Azizah Kahera

Racial Equity Consultant

Just Health

Arlene Parker

Just Health Director

Chloe Mondesir

Just Health Associate

Stacy Russell

Just Health Community Organizer

Just Opportunity

Tsedey Betru

Just Opportunity Director


Quay Royal

Just Opportunity Associate