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Many low-wealth and communities of color are still reeling from the impacts of Great Recession which have been compounded by the historic economic injustices. The American South’s economic competitiveness will be dependent on its ability to strengthen and engage these communities.
The Partnership for Southern Equity works with its partners to advance an economic inclusion agenda that promotes and increases equity in the distribution of income, wealth building, employment and entrepreneurship among vulnerable populations.

The Just Opportunity Circle (JOC) represents an organized group of key regional economic development leaders from the private, nonprofit, and government sectors. This committed group is exploring sustainable strategies and solutions for equitable economic opportunities for individuals and their families and adheres to PSE’s six Principles of Economic Inclusion. In addition, PSE is partnering with PolicyLink to have an important study conducted to examine the economic and social impacts that could be realized if full employment – where everyone who wants a job is able to have a job – is reached in the Atlanta region.

Guiding Principles of the Just Opportunity Circle:

Economic inclusion accounts for the financial well-being of families throughout the region
Low-income communities and communities of color are untapped economic assets
Access to equitable educational opportunities with support systems are key to successful economic development efforts
Increased workforce and soft-skills development for vulnerable communities foster engagement for a stronger economy
The human assets found in under-resourced communities must be positioned to inform and benefit from positive market outcomes
Place-based approaches for economic inclusion will revitalize under-developed areas and invigorate metropolitan economies


Advancing policies and institutional actions that promote racial equity and shared prosperity for all in the growth of metropolitan Atlanta and the American South.


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