Roe v. Wade and its impact on Women in the American South

Robyn Bussey, Just Health Director

While the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is not final, the recently released draft opinion is a strong indicator of how the Supreme Court may rule.  The Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE) opposes any threat to accessible and safe abortion care. We believe abortion access is not only a women’s right and an important healthcare issue but also a racial justice issue.

The potential Supreme Court decision is an unfortunate harbinger that access to safe and accessible abortion, especially for women living in the South, will no longer be the reality.  PSE is especially concerned about the impact to Black, Latina/o, Indigenous, rural, and low-income communities who will bear the brunt of overturning Roe v. Wade.

We stand in solidarity with racial justice and reproductive justice organizations and those working to preserve the right to choose. Below are some organizations fighting to provide safe and accessible healthcare to all women.

Black Mamas Matter Alliance

National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health


Spark Reproductive Justice Now

Show your support by joining the fight for safe abortion access: volunteer at an abortion clinic, donate to an abortion aid mutual fund, vote for candidates who support the right to choose, and/or find other ways to prioritize healthcare for women.

Onwards Towards Equity.