[UPDATE 1] Today. And every day.

[UPDATED APRIL 21, 2021]
We are thankful for the verdict. It is a step towards justice. Although we have a long way to go, we are thankful for the wins against white supremacy when they come. We will continue to fight for the day when all people are considered sacred in the eyes of our nation. Today. And every day.

Today, and every day, we are choosing to celebrate with the people of Minnesota at the conclusion of the Chauvin trial. Today and every day, we stand with all Black, Brown, and Indigenous people as this nation continues to reckon with the failures of our justice system, even as racial injustice and brutality continue to tirelessly consume lives. For George Floyd, Daunte Wright, Adam Toledo, Dominique Luscious, Rayshard Brooks, Kathryn Johnson, the eight people from a predominantly Sikh community who were murdered in Indianapolis, the nine people lost over this past weekend, and the many, many other people of color we have lost, we continue to fight for justice and equity. Today. And every day.

Onward towards equity,
Nathaniel Q. Smith, Jr.
Founder and Chief Equity Officer